Anesthesia equipment is there to provide the delivery of precise amounts of the anesthetic agents being used. It provides oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and assists in the patients breathing vaporizer wholesale distributors

Equipment for General Anesthesia

Gas Source– This provides oxygen and delivery system for the anesthetic agent.

Pressure regulator– Oxygen flowing from the main tank is controlled via the regulator, it provides a controlled and safe operating pressure.

Flow meter-This is used by the anesthetist to provide a measured amount of oxygen for the patient.

Vaporizer– This is used to convert the liquid anesthetic agent to a vapor that can be easily absorbed by the lungs.

Patient Breathing Circuit- This may either be a breathing system or a non-breathing system. This provides an additional method of controlling the breathing of the patient.

In the administration of local anesthesia, a set of sterile needles of varying gauges are used to suit a variety of specific uses. A method of sterilization is conducted to prevent cross infection. It is always crucial to maintain the equipments in sterile condition.

Anesthesia supplies are the support materials used in the equipment. They are generally for single use only. This is to ensure cleanliness and prevention of contamination. Most unintended infections are attributed to the use of unsterile supplies.

Re- furbished or Brand New

The cost of equipment and supplies can be quite prohibitive. Some medical institutions would opt for a refurbished system. To ensure the good condition of the equipment, strict adherence to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule must be followed.

Brand new equipment, on the other hand provides a more trouble free environment. The cost though may be a bit exorbitant, but they become more cost effective in the long run. The patient’s condition is fragile when subjected to general anesthesia. The condition of these equipment must be a top priority because they have to function accurately during the administration of anesthesia to the patient.

Brand Recognition

Anesthesia equipment, like all medical equipment is specialized in nature. There is a wide variety of manufacturers who have established themselves with good reputations. They have a track record that speaks for product reliability.

Equipment is judged on their inherent qualities of reliability, ease of use, durability and feature functions. The cost effectiveness is also taken into consideration since this equipment is subjected to industrial use.


There are many places where these are available. Manufacturers provide their own marketing and sales set up. Aside from medical equipment supply establishments who do retail, many can be found via the internet medical supply stores.

Buying anesthesia supplies and equipment is best done in comparison to various brands and types. Sometimes getting quotes from the internet is easier than going from one retail or distributors outlet to another. Going through a manufacturer’s website is considered safe since they have a reputation to uphold and they are subjected to government regulations. A reputable retail or distributorship is considered safe for transactions. These are also regulated.

Anesthesia product supplies and equipment bought from a more affordable dubious source is an invitation to potential complications, or worse a lawsuit. Searching for specialized equipment is a task that requires consideration of their qualities, reliability, durability and cost effectiveness. Careful consideration must be made before making a choice.