Ladies absolutely like hearing “romantic nothings” from men – doesn’t matter if they are authentic or not. As the guy in the relationship, you are expected to make your girl happy. To accomplish this, you gotta know the things to tell her that will get her to swoon into your arms and get addicted to you. It won’t matter if you are still wooing her or she’s already your partner – you have to always keep her happy by showering her with sweet lines. Read on to learn about the 3 lines to tell a girl and make her worship you for it…

Killer Line #1. “I am So Fortunate To Have You”. Lifeinlines  Tell her with utmost authenticity and she will swoon into your embrace right away. It’s also crucial NOT to sound completely amused when you deliver this line – keep in mind that you deserve her as much.

Killer Line #2. “I Will Remain With You…Always And Forever.” This romantic line may sound simple and direct – but it works! This is much more than the common “I love you” which may well sound stale over time. By telling her that you will love her forever, you are in fact making a vow, and this is very attractive to females. Try this the next time you meet her!

Killer Line #3. “I Want To Spend Every Minute Of My Life With You.” This is a definite ‘insecurity destroyer’ – it is effective in reassuring her that you are with her through both happiness and sadness. Nothing is sexier to a woman more than a guy who would stick with her through the challenges in life.

These lines might look “easy” to you, but they work well – simply because they are based on time tested and validated women mind control methods and triggers. Using these tips, master casanovas have been known to create exceptionally powerful emotional rapport with women. The good thing is that you can also get the identical level of achievement with women as they do – as long as you utilize the same principles and techniques.