Adopting a different perspective

Usually, parents don’t appreciate computer games and limit the time their children use the computer, fearing that the lack of physical activity and social interaction might have negative effects on their health and personality. Nonetheless, computer games can provide a series of benefits, such as improving some abilities of children but not only. While playing in front of the computer cannot substitute for the fresh air or the physical exercise kids get when they play outside, computer games do allow children to train some of their abilities such as reflexes, reaction, logic and observation. As a result, under the supervision of parents, kids can moderately play computer games and avoid their negative effects while getting some benefits and having fun. pgslot

“The good” in computer games

Fighting and shooting games require the player to take quick decisions and good reflexes to use their weapons and/or skills for eliminating opponents. Physics games often have a combination of puzzle, skill and logic elements that can train both mind and dexterity. They are usually level-based and the difficulty increases as the levels do. Escape and point-and-click games also have a puzzle component as the player has to not only discover objects or clues but also use them at appropriate moments and in the right order to reach the goal of the game. They also require good observation skills as many of the items and clues are not in plain sight.

A large number of free flash games have educational components that guide children into exercising typing abilities and expanding their vocabulary but not only. A harmless cooking game can teach a child about different types of vegetables and other foods just like management games introduces kids to the basics of economy. Some complex strategy games successfully combine logic, management and skill components, developing the child’s ability of creating a structured plan and managing/using available assets in order to follow it. Computer games have a lot of unique traits that cannot be found in traditional games. They can provide kids with tons of information and lead them into learning many useful things without them realizing what they’re actually doing.

How to choose the right games for your children

A good computer game suitable for children will use the “fun” element to hide the “learn” element. The learning process is always more effective when you’re enjoying it. Moreover, a lot of traditional games are expensive and oversized. Computer games can have an endless complexity because they are virtual and as a result much cheaper or even free.