Kasavu is a customary Kerala sari worn by the ladies in south India. They are straightforward yet rich. They are for the most part grayish edged with the dandy brilliant boundary that give a total completion to a sari. Kasavu is the most seasoned leftover of the antiquated type of sari which is supposed to be gotten from the Mundun neriyathum-that were alluded to as ‘Sattika’ in Buddhists and Jain writing. 

Kasavu is a legacy passed down starting with one age then onto the next and an absolute necessity linen in each South Indian lady of the hour’s closet. Each Kasavu sari discusses the desire and identity that it dazes regarding immurement. In subjective terms the cotton stands prevalent with is secured from best cotton material enterprises in India. Visit :- ประเพณีอินเดีย

A conventional Kasavu sari has a pleasant blend of creative work and plan on its ‘pallav’ that sets its part from other present day sari’s. Its rich and differentiating brilliant chromaticity add tasteful beauty. In India, particularly in Kerala, they are worn by the ladies of all age. Ladies in Kerala buy them for uncommon events. 

There are numerous hands that go into the creation of valuable Kasavu sari. They are woven by a group of master weavers who take atleast a few days to weave one sari. Anyway it would more be able to time contingent upon the plan of a sari. The prises of these sari’s beginning from RS 500 and can reach up to Rs 50,000 or more. 

The unbelievable Kasavu saris have procured a novel spot in the legacy of the nation. This extraordinary convention of Kasavu saris have been making waves in the design world. They are worn by the acclaimed Bollywood superstars and have as of now catch the core of the western world. The prevalent standpoint of the Kasavu saris, can best feature the gullible look of the Indian ladies