When you have sub-affiliates, you can earn additional income from their sales, without having to invest any effort at all. Once they have signed up through your link, an affiliate of any program becomes your sub-affiliate. Now every time they make a sale, you make a small commission too, even though you did not have to do a thing and all the effort was from your sub-affiliate Zalando Affiliate Program

This is why these types of affiliate program are so popular, and this is the type of program you should be looking for. Once you have found this type of program, and joined it, you should then start promoting it to everyone that you possibly can. You should recommend the affiliate Program to all of your website or blog visitors, any and all of your customers and those that have subscribed to your opt-in e-mail lists. This is the best way to recruit a large number of sub-affiliates.

From then on you will be looking forward to receiving a nice percentage commission on all of their sales. And this becomes a very tidy and really easy residual income. This may sound straightforward to most of you by now, but let’s just give an example of the process for those that may not be sure of the procedure.

Let’s say that you chosen best online affiliate program you could find and want to recommend it to your customers and subscribers because you are very happy with the rate commissions that you have earned from it, and you believe that they would benefit from it too. You will then send them an email, that recommends the affiliate program, and then at the end of the email you will tell them to join it by clicking on the link you place there.

The link that you give them to click on will be tracked by the affiliate program, so that all those that click on it and join the program will be recorded as your sub-affiliate. The process of recording them as your sub-affiliate is also known as being “cookied”. If 100 people have clicked on your link and joined the affiliate program, you will then have 100 sub-affiliates.

The best online affiliate programs will then take over the rest of the work leaving you with nothing else to do. That is to say that the affiliate program itself will then start to email all of your sub-affiliates, and then show them how they should promote the affiliate products on offer to earn those same commissions that you told them you earned.

At this stage all of your sub-affiliates will be happy that you told them about the benefits of joining the affiliate program, and most of them will start to follow the promotional instructions from the affiliate companies emails immediately. Within just a few days, most of your sub-affiliates will have started to make sales.

The best way that you can recruit sub-affiliates is by sending out an informative email or writing an article explaining the benefits of joining as an affiliate, that includes your own recommendation, and explains how you have personally benefited. You should also make use of any banners and other promotional material that the affiliate program provides to promote the program too.

It is important to remember at this stage that many people will not have heard of an Affiliate Program before and it may take some explaining to get across to them the benefits provided by joining one. You could just start out by mentioning that you have found a company that pay’s a good referral fee for placing one of their banners on your website or blog.

Always be sure to include your personal URL that includes your affiliate identification number in it to send people straight to the sign-up page, and you will be credited with them as your sub-affiliate.

If all that you do is inform them of the website but do not explain how they will benefit by becoming an affiliate, they will not have any reason to click on your link. You will have to make them aware of the fact that the program is “free” to join and make them aware that they will earn them substantial revenue without having to do much work.

This is how the best online affiliate programs work, and this is also how you should operate when you have actually found a good affiliate program that you would like to promote. Now your only problem is finding one that is suitable!